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Acid Deposits (Acidic)

BEMER therapy can help in the disposal and elimination of acids and other metabolic end products from the affected tissue in the body. BEMER is successful in activating the metabolism and improving blood circulation. BEMER supports the body's ability to react and also aids conventional medical methods as well as all alternative methods. By neutralising and eliminating intracellular acid deposits in the connective tissue, the microcirculation and blood viscosity are improved. There is also an improvement in the red blood cell functions that are negatively affected by this acid numbness (rigidity).

   Information about acid deposits

Incorrect and excessive diets are the main reasons that excess acidity occurs during metabolism. The body's own neutralisation system can no longer reduce and eliminate this acidity effectively. The excess acidity often builds up deposits in connective tissue and organs over years and decades. This leads to a chronic, slowly developing acidity of the organism.

Chronic acidity of the connective tissue has a significant effect on the movement apparatus, i.e. musculature, tendons, discs, joint surfaces, and bones. The acid deposits, depending on constitution and amounts, damage the above mentioned structures. If the acids accumulate near sensitive nerves, they can cause pain and/or muscle tension (especially in the cervical spine and shoulder girdle areas). Due to the long-term exposure, these deposits are significant, if only partial, factors that lead to the so-called civilisation illnesses and rheumatic diseases.

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