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ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) Treatment

The effectiveness of BEMER has been confirmed by parents' reports. The effects on the central, peripheral, and autonomous nervous systems are significant. Improvement of blood circulation (including microcirculation) and oxygen partial pressure (the amount of oxygen available in the body) among other things form the basis for:

- Improvement of the brain metabolism.
- Harmonisation of the autonomous nervous system.
- Anti stress effect.

Information about ADHD

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is characterised by a complex of symptoms including:

. Impaired attention, with reduced concentration and stamina as well as being easily distracted.
. Impulsiveness in the sense of impulsive behavior (thought about it, did it) and abrupt mood changes
. Motoric hyperactivity combined with a strong urge to move about aimlessly.

Most experts assume that ADHD is an illness with biological causes, where genetic factors seem to play a role. Additionally, damage from alcohol or nicotine abuse during pregnancy is being discussed as a possible cause. It is probable that children affected by this have brain metabolism disorders. Once the problem has been clearly diagnosed, then a therapy is prescribed that is a combination of psycho-, movement-, and relaxation therapies. Ideally, these are coupled with thorough counseling and support for the parents, teachers, and educators. Therapy that includes the use of psycho-pharmaceutical drugs is still controversial.

In addition to a well structured environment, a planned daily schedule, with sufficient sleep, creative, and movement intensive activities have a positive effect. Stimulus satiation through television, computer games, or a hectic environment should be avoided.

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