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BEMER Therapy for an Aging Population

All biological processes, in particular the metabolism of every cell, are substantially based on electromagnetic energy. Only organisms that are sufficiently supplied with energy have the self-regulating and self-regenerating mechanisms. In our modern, high-tech civilisation, lack of significant physical and mental exercise, mal-nutrition as well as over-nutrition, and considerable environmental stress lead to a deficient balance of energy. The results range from loss of vitality, premature ageing, to degenerative processes taking over rapidly, chronic diseases making their more than gradual appearances and a higher susceptibility to infectious diseases.

Generally, the older we get, the more the natural functions of our body slow down. In addition, we often become less active, in part as a direct result of that slow down and the excessive tiredness (sometimes sheer exhaustion of a too fast-paced hectic stressful lifestyle) which creates a vicious cycle. Individual cells are not supplied with sufficient energy. This in turn causes impairment of the cell function and, if the condition persists, cell damage. The function of organs and glands becomes impaired, and the organism loses its balance. The individual feels exhausted and burnt out and becomes susceptible to illness.

Thanks to BEMER, there is an opportunity to naturally balance these energy deficiencies via advanced electromagnetic impulses. The body's cells can produce more energy when the metabolism is properly activated. Previously disturbed control systems can function again and the self-healing powers of the human body are supported. An optimum state of health and functional capacity can be achieved by the application of the BEMER. The individual's quality of life is improved, and the probability of contracting illnesses and diseases is reduced.

Therapeutic effects are of:

. Dilation of blood vessels.
. Improvement of circulation, particularly of micro-circulation.
. Increase of oxygen saturation and the oxygen partial pressure.
. Improvement of the blood's flow properties and inhibition of blood clot formation.

A number of chronic and age-related diseases are positively impacted by BEMER therapy, due to its anti-inflammatory and pain-reducing properties. Among them are:

. Rheumatic diseases
. Arthritis and osteoarthritis
. Osteoporosis
. Migraines and other headaches
. General pain
. Sleep disorders
. Asthma
. High and low blood pressure
. Diabetes
. Heart disease and cardio-vascular disturbances

Application of the BEMER therapy is easy and convenient, suggested at two to three times per day for 8 minutes for optimum results.

The ageing person will experience alleviation of a number of symptoms caused by old age, thus improving general well-being - for a better quality of life.

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