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BEMER Therapy effects on Arthritis

BEMER-therapy can be used to improve the circulation and to give general support to the body's self-regulatory mechanisms. Through the following scientifically proven effects, BEMER therapy can lead to the improvement or stabilisation of physical well-being and can contribute significantly to the complementary treatment of chronic arthritis:

. Positive physiological effect on the condition of microcirculation, and increased utilisation of oxygen in the capillary tissue
. Positive effect on the protein biosynthesis (repair proteins)
. Improved micro-hemodynamic conditions for the first steps of immunological processes, and thereby in indirect strengthening of the body's own defense mechanisms
. Positive effect on the vegetative nervous system

BEMER therapy is a complex method that optimises energy production by the individual cells (ATP) through improved circulation and increased oxygen utilization, thereby contributing to the overall regulation of the body's metabolism. Based on these facts and the benefits observed in patients with a range of severe physical disabilities we can safely say that BEMER therapy is an important and essential foundation for strengthening the body's self-healing mechanisms, supporting other treatment measures, and decreasing the side effects of prescription medications, and therefore of great value to patients with arthritis.

The positive effects of low frequency electromagnetic fields on metabolic functions of the bone and the entire skeletal support system have been proven in several scientific examinations and the basic principles on which they work are well known:

. Regulation of the metabolism of minerals, especially calcium, which is of significance for the building of bone structure and proper function of muscles.

. All-over activation of the metabolism improves excretion of acids stored in the tissues which can be further enhanced with appropriate diet and food supplements.

. In addition, anti-inflammatory enzymes are activated, and the production of "repair proteins" is stimulated, which is of significance for the regeneration processes of several type tissues.

. Another important point is the stabilisation of the immune system, which is usually compromised during chronic inflammatory processes. The effects of low frequency electromagnetic fields are many- fold (e.g. activation of macrophages, t-lymphocytes, building of anti-bodies, and decrease of auto-immune reaction) as well as the support the self-healing powers of the body.

. The improved circulation is of special significance for treating muscle tension (e.g. Neck and shoulders).

. Hormonal balances are harmonised through central and peripheral effects, which is beneficial for overall well-being as well as metabolism in the bones.

A European physician's user study under the direction of the AFB documented the effects of the electromagnetic field of the BEMER therapy system. A total of 1116 patient protocols were captured. Since several patients presented with more than one clinical condition, 2031 cases of illness were documented. An average therapy span of 6 weeks and observation of 318 subjects showed the following results:

Information about Arthritis

Arthritis is the inflammation of a joint, usually accompanied by pain, swelling, and stiffness, and resulting from infection, trauma, degenerative changes, metabolic disturbances, or other causes. Polyarthritis is any type of arthritis in which five or more joints are affected by inflammatory processes. We can differentiate between acute and chronic forms of the disease, whereby the latter form is also called rheumatoid arthritis. Polyarthritis is the most common form of inflammatory rheumatic disease.

Even today, the causes are not definite. Since inflammations inside the joints are caused by the body's own immune cells, the disorder is currently classified as one of the autoimmune diseases. Contrary to the degenerative diseases of the joints (e.g. arthrosis), the sometimes severe pain occurs mainly when resting and improves with movement of the affected joints. Typically the smaller joints, like fingers and toes are involved. Also characteristic is the fact that symptoms on the affected joints appear in a symmetrical pattern, that stiffness is more prevalent in the mornings and can last long into the day, and swelling that is caused by fluid inside the joints.

Even though the more drastic symptoms are limited to the affected joints, other discomforts like general malaise, drop in energy level, fatigue, weight loss, and depression are generally present as well. Relatively seldom, but feared none the less, is the involvement of internal organs (pericardium, pleura, etc.) that could be affected by inflammation and suffer changes to their tissue structure.

Conventional treatment relies mainly on prescription medication to alleviate acute episodes and control the progress of the disease.

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