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BEMER Therapy with Chronic Fatigue

The complex mechanisms of the BEMER Therapy have been scientifically demonstrated in many clinical-medical studies, and are listed below. Aside from the symptomatic treatment, they form an important basis for a possible causative treatment:

. Increase of the preparedness of molecular and sub-molecular structures to be activated by means of a broadband signal
. An electromagnetically induced "switching on" of HSP 70, resulting in a synthesis of special repair proteins
. Boost in blood circulation down to the microcirculation, resulting in an increase of oxygen partial pressure
. Improved metabolism of the red blood corpuscles by the filling up of the ATP- and other energy-rich phosphate storage depots
. Lower blood pressure, reduced pulse rate and autonomous relaxation

On the basis of individual reports and extensive experience with similar clinical pictures (such as burnout syndrome, general fatigue syndromes, stress syndromes and overwork syndromes and, as in the case of tiredness, as a symptom of various illnesses), it can be assumed that, by means of the sum of all reactions mentioned and empirically established effects, such as overall accelerated regeneration, strengthening or stabilisation of the immune system and pain relief, the clinical picture of CFS can be positively influenced and the body is supported in its own ability to self-regulate and self-heal.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome may show different "faces" and it makes sense to check conventional therapy methods and the BEMER Therapy constantly in order to adjust to any new conditions and to diagnose clearly any new symptoms, and to integrate this into the treatment. As a rule CFS patients react very sensitively to medication, thus making it necessary to work with much lower dosages than usual.

Since the BEMER Therapy can contribute to an improvement in the metabolism of medication, it may be possible to reduce the medication taken further (only after consultation with a physician). It is important to note that if excessive acidification of the tissue occurs, it is sensible to take basic mineral supplements, to have basic mineral-enriched baths and to undertake other de-acidifying measures. A change of diet is also recommended in this case.

In a user study conducted by doctors under the auspices of the Academy for Bioenergetics, the effects of the BEMER Therapy on humans has been documented. A total of 2 031 cases of illness were recorded, of which 223 met the criteria of general well being and 63 the clinical picture of tiredness or fatigue syndrome. The average treatment period was six weeks. When the treatment period was increased, the 'no change' percentage decreased and the 'complaint free' percentage increased.


General Wellbeing;

* 74% significant improvement or complaint-free.
* 19% improvement.
* 7% no change.

Tiredness or fatigue syndrome:

* 72% significant improvement or complaint-free
* 22% improvement of the condition
* 6% no improvement.

Information about Chronic Fatigue

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) is a clinically demonstrated but still inexplicable condition of severe mental and physical fatigue. The characteristic symptoms include a constant paralyzing torpidity (drowsiness) with considerable concentration impairment, paresthesia (malaise), and multiple pain syndromes in the region of the head, throat, lymph nodes, muscles, joints, and other areas. Since the complaints are non specific and can initially be confused as symptoms of various clinical pictures, careful diagnosis, with a well defined process of elimination, is essential. As a rule, CFS patients also have a permanent immune system weakness, a greatly increased susceptibility to exposures to stress, greater physical exertion, or even certain medication. In the initial stage the illness often resembles a suddenly occurring flu, followed by periods of enormous impairment of the physical and mental performance of varying lengths of time and seriousness. This can even lead to the patient being confined to bed. Although complex mental factors are involved, CFS does not seem to be a psychogenic illness. Although a number of scientists from different disciplines have researched this complex of symptoms, the cause(s) and pathology of the fatigue syndrome are still not well known. A wide variety of causative agents (viruses, bacteria, fungi) have been viewed as triggers of this illness. These include environmental toxins, malfunctions of the hormonal system, neurological disorders, and stress. In almost all cases, serious chronic excess acidity is present and discussed as the possible cause. The overall view at the moment sees a combination of several of these factors as being the cause(s) of CFS. "Chronic infections, chronic toxins, and chronic conflicts are the main conditions for the development or outbreak of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. There are no general therapy recommendations for the treatment of CFS since the individual causes vary greatly from case to case. Aside from the use of controversial medication, diet changes, adjustment of deficient or excessive conditions, avoidance of intoxication and damaging environmental influences, psychotherapy in connection with so-called "disease management" and finally, various natural healing methods (naturopathy) are recommended.

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