Health Conditions - Injuries and the BEMER

Injuries and the BEMER

Worldwide, thousands of clinics and practitioners use the BEMER to treat injuries. How does it differ from commonly used methods, and what is the advantage to patient and clinic?

How does the BEMER affect Physical Trauma?

. Piezo effect (induction of minute electrical voltage) activates bone growth and controls cell structure
. Metabolism process of minerals such as calcium in particular is regulated, which is of significant importance for the development of bone structure and muscle function.
. Improved micro circulation in the damaged tissues stimulates excretion of acids and metabolic waste
. Stimulation of callus forming cells

The use of the BEMER is a highly advanced treatment method that not only improves blood circulation and oxygen supply to muscle and nerve tissues, but also contributes to the regulation of the cell metabolism processes within the entire organism, including the activation of repair proteins. Optimal results may be achieved when combining BEMER applications with relevant treatment methods and physical therapy

"We are absolutely convinced! The benefit of the BEMER system to our athletes is irrefutable. Injuries heal much faster; regeneration is improved after sports performances. Obviously what's good for competitive athletes is also a huge bonus to your health."

Dr. B Villiger, Medical director, Swiss Olympic team

Dr. Danielle Serfontein of a busy emergency trauma unit says

"Seeing is believing! It is one thing to read impressive clinical trial results, but to see the BEMER reduce swelling in minutes, restore blood circulation - even preventing the need for amputation several times - that's been truly impressive." She continues by adding "Even the ICU nursing staff that do a lot of lifting, jump on the BEMER during their teatime to reduce aches and pains, especially to the lower back."

Increasingly, sports physicians and trauma units are using the BEMER to address injuries and trauma in place of the traditional application of ice. "The BEMER 3000" according to Dr R Klopp of the Microcirculation Institute in Berlin, "has changed the science of microcirculation." These comments follow the results of a randomised placebo controlled double blind study that revealed an increase of blood microcirculation and oxygen saturation of more than 12% under the application of the BEMER. These and other studies prompted the BEMER to be included by FIMS, the International Federation of Sports Medicine at their congress during June 2006. For over 10 years, thousands of practitioners and millions of applications reveal no contra-indications. Instead, this process based therapy encourages the body's own healing response to be stimulated, decreasing injury recovery time by as much as 50%.

Use of the BEMER for patients with torn muscles and for rehabilitation after surgery:

Patient Groups:

. 5 patients with tears of thigh muscles
. 3 patients with tear of calf muscles
. 2 patients with tears of elbow muscles and haematoma
. 5 patients with unsatisfactory improvement after torn ligament repair


For all athletes who were treated with the BEMER after surgery (intensive applicator), the post-operative swelling and bruising disappeared before removal of the stitches. Haematomas and pain were gone.

About 30 days after the surgery (after 20 uses of the BEMER) the athletes experienced full movement. Isometric contractions, which were used in combination with the BEMER therapy, very evidently stopped the muscle atrophy which usually occurs in this case.

Use of the BEMER for regeneration among performance athletes:

Fifteen high performance athletes from the areas of track and field and soccer, as well as several students of the Pedagogic College used the BEMER after their training periods. The intensive applicator was used in the areas of highest physical taxation. Ten athletes used the BEMER immediately after training, and 5 athletes used it the next morning.


All athletes equally testified to experiencing no fatigue. The athletes using the BEMER immediately after training did not experience soreness of muscles, and for the five athletes using the BEMER the next morning, muscle soreness went away after BEMER therapy. All athletes experienced full regeneration after the therapy.

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