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BEMER Therapy & Tinnitus

BEMER treatment has no side effects. Its aim is not only to improve the blood circulation and oxygen supply of the individual cells, but also to better regulate the entire metabolic system by means of pulsating electromagnetic fields. This allows the tinnitus symptoms to be treated positively regardless of the cause.

The following effects of the BEMER-Therapy in treating tinnitus are significant:

General effects

. improved blood circulation
. increased oxygen concentration in the blood
. improved blood flow
. overall metabolic regulation of the cells
. improved functioning, differentiation and regeneration of the cells
. improved regulation, communication and coordination of the cells with each other

Potential effects on tinnitus in cases where the cause is unclear

. Activation of the body's own nitric monoxide system leading to a widening of the blood vessels and thus to improved blood circulation, especially in the microcirculation
. Regulation of the metabolic processes and activation of the 'repair proteins' significantly aids the regeneration of the damaged cell clusters

The effects of the electromagnetic field of the BEMER 3000-Therapy System on humans have been well documented in a European wide study conducted by physicians under the auspices of the AFB. A total 1116 cases were evaluated. Since a number of the participants suffered from several illnesses, this resulted in a total of 2031 cases. The average therapy time was six weeks and 33 cases were evaluated.

Information about Tinnitus

Tinnitus is the medical name for a ringing or buzzing of the ear. Those afflicted hear sounds that do not exist in reality. They occur in one or both ears as whistling, ringing, hissing, or droning sounds. Tinnitus can either be permanent or sporadic. Tinnitus is not a separate illness, but rather a symptom. Many possible illnesses or injuries might be its cause, e.g. damage to the inner or middle ear, acute trauma, acute hearing loss, Meniére`s disease, blood circulation disturbances, hyper- and hypotension, brain damage or other organic damage, as well as psychosomatic and mental illnesses and poisoning (mercury, carbon monoxide etc.).

By far the most frequent triggers of tinnitus are extreme noise and classical stress situations. Effective treatment of tinnitus is only possible if the cause can be clearly identified. This usually requires a wide range of diagnostic tests and frequent visits to medical specialists. Depending on the basic organic illness, medication to increase the blood circulation and to widen the blood vessels (vasodilators, calcium antagonists) or autogenic training (stress reduction) can lead to alleviation or even a cure.

Unfortunately cases where the cause cannot be established are becoming more and more frequent. Often blood thinning and circulation medications are prescribed, albeit without much success. In cases of chronic tinnitus, special hearing aids (tinnitus maskers) can be used. They serve to "cover" or "erase" the disturbing noises by transmitting timed sounds. "Retraining therapy" is also often recommended, where the patient learns consciously to overhear the noise. These are pure symptomatic therapies whose aim is to suppress the tinnitus symptoms without any possibility of healing.

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