Health Conditions - Fractures & Physical Trauma

Use of BEMER to heal fractures and physical trauma

General effects

. improved blood circulation
. increased oxygen concentration in the blood
. improved blood flow
. overall metabolic regulation of the cells
. improved functioning, differentiation and regeneration of the cells
. improved regulation, communication and coordination of the cells with each other

Effects on movement apparatus or physical trauma

. After impression of the piezo electric effects, induction of the smallest electric tension (voltage) that control bone growth and structure
. Mineral metabolism, especially of calcium, is regulated; this of special significance for the development of bone structure and muscle functions
. Improvement of the microcirculation in the damaged tissue, promotion of the elimination of acids and metabolic end products
. Stimulation of callus-building cells
. Activation of the so-called "repair proteins" and anti-inflammatory effective enzymes, which support the best possible regeneration of the damaged tissue

What is the "Piezo-electric" effect?

The Piezo-electrical effect of the bone explains the mechanisms on which bone growth, bone structure, and bone healing are based. With mild pressure on the bone, a weak negative electrical current develops, and with a mild pulling force on the bone a weak positive electrical current is developed. These electrical impulses direct the bone growth and formation of the characteristic spongy bone through calcium deposits, and make sure that the proper kind of bone structures develop corresponding to individual anatomical patterns of movement and usage.

BEMER treatment has no side effects. Its aim is not only to improve the blood circulation and oxygen supply of the individual cells, but also to better regulate the entire metabolic system by means of pulsating electromagnetic fields. Consistent BEMER treatment can often alleviate the symptoms and positively influence the entire clinical picture.

The positive effects of the pulsating electromagnetic fields on bone and tissue metabolism, as well as the entire support- and movement apparatus have been proven in numerous scientific studies and its basic principles are well known.

In a European wide user study conducted by physicians under the auspices of the AFB, the effects of the BEMER 3000 Therapy System on humans has been documented. A total of 1116 cases were recorded and since a large number of these patients were afflicted with several illnesses a total of 2031 cases were found. Ninety nine cases were recorded and after a therapy lasting on average six to seven weeks, the following results were found. The best results were found in the area of non healing broken bones due to impaired callus formation.

    Information about Fractures

The term fracture healing refers to the process of the knitting (growing together) of broken or wrenched bones. Bones can break as the result of any force or form of physical violence. In some cases minimal force can cause the break as in osteoporosis. Broken bones can be recognised by the "unnatural" movement or the inability to move a certain part of the body and by the severe accompanying pain, swelling, and hematoma.

The most important preconditions for a successful healing of the bone are:

. The most precise adjustment possible and very close contact of both ends of the bone
. Total immobilisation of the broken parts of the bone until the healing process has been completed
. Good blood circulation of the affected area
. Good callus formation

All injuries and effects of force (violence) on the body are known as trauma. This includes sprains and hematoma as well as breaks. The most frequent causes of trauma are sport injuries and household accidents.

Pain, swelling, skin discoloration, and functional impairment are among the most obvious symptoms of trauma and in case of doubt should be examined by a physician.

Multiple traumas have to be considered differently since several serious injuries to various organs or parts of the body are present. Multiple trauma are life-threatening and must always be treated by a doctor. The most frequent causes are traffic accidents.

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