Health Conditions - Post-Operative Wound Healing

BEMER proved effective for Post-Operative & Wound Healing

The effect of Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field Therapy (PEMFT) has long been known to improve blood circulation. Now, a new study by the Microcirculation Institute of Berlin, under Dr. Rainer Klopp, has proved not only the increased blood circulation, but that the BEMER 3000 stands alone among the PEMFT devices tested.

A consistent BEMER treatment will increase the natural healing period of any damage to the body by up to 40% and prevent further damage, without side-effects. The BEMER 3000 can also be of great benefit as a prevention therapy.

In a randomised placebo controlled clinical trial, healthy test subjects were subjected to a 2 minute application of the BEMER 3000. The findings suggest that to a significant extent, the BEMER 3000 would accelerate tissue regeneration and protect against possible complications. This is the conclusion arrived at by several research studies conducted at the Institute and published in a special issue of Orthopaedic practice, 41, January (2005)

Measurements were taken off the gums of healthy patients before BEMER 3000 therapy, then after in the 2nd, 4th, 6th, and 8th minute after the device was switched off. Results after only 2 minutes on Level 3 showed the following significant improvements:

. Increased number of blood cell perfused nodes within the capillary network-12% increase on average
. Capillary microcirculation increased by more than 10% and continued after therapy
. An increased pressure gradient between arterioles and venules (small blood vessels that transfer blood from the capillaries to the veins)
. Increased arteriolar and venular vasomotion (Increased diameter of blood vessel)
. Clear improvement of the immune system indicated by the large concentration of ICAM-1 molecules due to increased adhesion performance of white blood cells
. Oxygen partial pressure increased by 15% which means that more oxygen was available to the cells

Dr. Klopp says: "The BEMER 3000 therapy system on level 3 setting and an application of only 2 minutes causes a biologically significant improvement of microcirculation and the activation of immunological reactions that continue after the device is switched off. Similar reactions of circulatory improvement can be expected in the whole intestinal tract, the skin, and the organs."

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